Cycling during corona

By 2020, the importance of the bicycle as a means of transport has increased significantly: it is safe from contamination with corona - unlike airplanes, cars (buses) and trains. It makes sense to promote the use of the bike for a sustainable future.

Amsterdammers could get back on the streets and cycle through the city -- safe in the corona pandemic. (link) Withthe climate crisis threatening over our heads, the bike is the ideal sustainable and future-proof type of transportation.

v beforer corona: data science link + incentive to cycle more was limited to ... Bike to work day,

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Flight traffic has caused the global pandemic. Our traffic needs to be more sustainable and then

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Bicycle couriers have been quite normal in Dutch cities for some time now, but the possibilities are far from being sufficiently exploited, as freight transport should emit much less CO2 - cargo bikes are green and good alternation-for-order-bus-or-truck

negative effects

Bike promotion is not progressing everywhere

- link to Groningen:  In the city everyone you ask is against a cycling ban

- train prohibition = link