Bas van der Veen

picture Bas van der Veen

Welcome to my homepage! My name is Bas van der Veen. I am an enthusiastic freelance Drupalista. Continue reading on Drupal. As a software developer I have worked with C/C++, python and Uniface.

Since April 2019 I'm living in Leipzig, where I am involved in Extinction Rebellion and I am studying the technology and concepts behind data science - both in order to contribute to a sustainable future of our world.

This is the outdated version of my website (2011), I am in the process of designing as my new website.

I studied archaeology at the Leiden University and I have always traveled a lot. I lived in Dresden, Ghent and Tbilisi. I studied Arabic for a spell, picked up German in Dresden Neustadt and started on studying Russian back in Tbilisi. Deciphering a foreign alphabet and language has similarities with puzzling over software code. Contiue reading on Open Source.

Cycling is my lifelong hobby and I love to race to the seaside or into the woods. Although a lowland resident I adore mountains; as a kid I skied in the Alps, later I hiked through rugged terrain in Mediterranean countries, Balkans, Caucasus, Atlas, Tatras, Iberian Peninsula, Colombia, Drakensberg and England.

Look for a detailed overview of my skills and my working experience at my resume, which is attached to this webpage as a PDF file.