earth overshoot day

country overshoot days 2019

Today is earth overshoot day,
is the calculated illustrative calendar date on which humanity's resource consumption for the year exceeds Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year. I want to calculate how much I contribute to global warming and therefore I went looking for a good standard to calculate my energy consumption.

The ecological footprint is the best known tool. Some critics say it's too simple a tool,
but on the other hand it's become an ISO standard.

Curious about the possibilities to find out how much it saves you, if you switch commuting traffic from car to public transport or even cheaper/environmentally friendly by bicycle?
Here you can look it up

Wondering, how much it costs, if you plan to compensate your CO2 emissions? It would enable you to make a fair comparison between grey and green energy suppliers - because with the latter CO2 emissions are immediately zero!

It's amazingly cheap! Compensating my ecological footprint of 5 tons of CO2 costs 60$ at gold standard. This is no doubt much cheaper than planting new forests in Western Europe! Renowned economists argue for a much higher (and more realistic) price to avoid a catastrophic climate crisis.

Calculating how manufacturing and bulk transport of consumer goods impacts on sustainability should be easy in the near future. If I need a new bike, it is not yet possible to easily compare the environmental impact of a second-hand bike with a new bike, which has to come from Taiwan.

Your ecological footprint can of course be reduced by more consciously using energy. Tips can be found everywhere: