Open Source

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Open source software is widely used. Drupal is a good example.

The Open Source philosophy is for me in line with the objectives of NGOs . As people help each other in daily life, people also belong to each other in the virtual communities to assist each other and to offer solutions, without directly benefiting from it. For example, I have friends for free different trains , franse juf and voorstelling WoorD made. No proprietary software is used on these websites.

Therefore Open Source can not do without one Open Society. An example of this close to home: Amsterdam.

Everyone uses the internet, but does not know what is collected while surfing and how this can harm your privacy. In the Netherlands it seems mainly used for commercial purposes, according to BoF . In other countries, the consequences are far more radical. In Turkey you better use the internet with a VPN connection, if you do not agree with Erdogan.

Making technology accessible to everyone and ridding of its magic motivates me in the same way that I like to learn foreign languages, which seem like a secret code to others. If you can read in Jordan what is here وادي القمر (Wadi Rum), you travel easier. And in Georgia you can shop a lot easier if you know that სუპერმარკეტი means supermarket. And many Russian words are easy to understand, such as Технология (technology). Simple right?