Westerkerk near the Jordaan, Amsterdam


For the past ten years I have lived in Amsterdam-West, on the edge of the Jordaan. After all my wanderings, I decided to choose my new home in this city - mainly because of its international and liberal character. I cycle to the cozy Ten Cate market in the Kinkerbuurt, within 5 minutes in the Vondelpark or on the Leidseplein. A little further lies the Westerpark or the Amsterdamse Bos. I used to live in the Baarsjes near the Mercatorplein, where there are fewer tourists, who now have to stow this city in large numbers.

earth overshoot day

Today is earth overshoot day, the day of a given year when - counted from the 1st of January - mankind  has used up as much of the Earth's worldwide resources as they can bring back in one year and process the waste produced. I'd like to calculate how much I contribute to global warming and so I went looking for a good standard to calculate my consumption.